Woman Digs Up Husband’s, Sister’s Corpses, Reinstalls Them in Her House

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07/06/2010 3:32 PM |


Daily Intel relates: When, in 1999, elderly Pennsylvania woman Jean Stevens lost her husband, she had his body removed from his gravesite, dressed him in a suit, and sat him down on a couch (in the garage, not the living room). Last year, her twin sister died; the widow Stevens had her dug up, too, and sat her in the spare bedroom.

“Death is very hard for me to take,” Jean Stevens explained to the AP, which, ok, yes, that is a perfectly fair statement. “I’d go in and I’d talk, and I’d forget.”

This story, tinged with an autumnal sadness, also reflects upon the fate shared by all of us, who have been meeting death with more or less grace since time indefinite, so I won’t linger or make jokes on this particular oddball news item, except to note that Mrs. Stevens was able to deny death, in part, by putting dark glasses over her sister’s eyes: “When I put the glasses on, it made all the difference in the world.” Always with the putting sunglasses on a corpse!