Yo, Primus is Playing at the Waterfront Tonight

07/30/2010 12:29 PM |

Do you guys know how long it took me to decide which Primus video to post? It took a really long time. Why? Because now more than 15 years removed from the last time I voluntarily listened to a Primus record, it his hitting me like a ton of bricks that, holy shit, they had a lot of really, really awesome songs. “Too Many Puppies,” “Here Come the Bastards,” “My Name is Mud,” “DMV,” “Tommy the Cat,” “Mrs. Blaileen,” and even, of course, “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver“—hits, every last one of ’em, by a band that, yes, could potentially be described as irritating, but also must be described, for better or worse, as nothing if not 100% original. Anyway, they’re at the Waterfront tonight, and hooboy, you thought there were a lot of dudes at Faith No More?

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  • Get ready because Primus has ridiculous mosh pits. I hear that Slayer has the worst mosh pits but the most brutal one I ever saw was Primus at Roseland late 90s…

  • Anybody who ever felt angered or insulted by Mike Conklin crapping their favorite music just won that fight.

    Great taste, buddy. Keep up the bad work.