Your Emmy Awards Recap?

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08/30/2010 1:03 PM |

Television’s annual Emmy Awards are broadcast on a Sunday night in August, because there’s never anything else on television on a Sunday night in August. Except Mad Men, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for the third year running at about 10:52pm last night, right as last night’s episode was winding up (no spoilers please, I watch via the iTunes store).

The fact that most of the people who would be happy about Mad Men winning an Emmy were not in fact watching the Emmys—the fact that many fans of critically lauded television don’t actually watch television per se, but rather follow specific shows, generally on our computer screens—seems to underscore the fragmentation of American culture in general, even as, paradoxically, major events like the Emmys give online communities an opportunity to gather, remotely, around a cultural moment, staving off loneliness through shared experience while also driving up pageviews.

Oh and here are Christina Hendricks and January Jones and Elisabeth Moss in their dresses from last night.