Another Reason to Hate the MTA: Still Blocking Greenpoint Park After More Than a Year

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08/06/2010 3:55 PM |

Parking lot is not a park.

  • Parking lot is not a park.

It’s not all wide open green spaces in the land of Transmitter Park: In April of 2009, the Brooklyn Paper reported that Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents and pols were angry at the interagency squabbles holding up the construction of a proposed park at 65 Commercial Street, along the East River and Newtown Creek. The city had eyed the spot as park of its development plans for the Williamsburg Waterfront—but the lot was being used as a parking lot for the MTA parking lot, who had rejected all eight of the alternate locations proposed by the city (including under the Williamsburg Bridge and under the elevated F train in Gowanus).

Today, the Brooklyn Paper reports that the lot is still occupied by the MTA, and cites a “[City] Council source” who says that the MTA has most recently rejected a city-proposed site across the creek in Queens. (A woman from the neighborhood is also quoted as saying that “‘The MTA has expanded its operations on its Commercial Street property.'”)

So in addition to slowly undermining America’s biggest public transit system, almost as if by design, the MTA is also blocking the construction of a new park in a neighborhood undergoing a rapid transformation into a vibrant residential community, which is almost impressive, in a way, when you stop to really think about it.