Arcade Fire Release Interactive New Video With Which I Cannot Figure Out How to Interact

08/30/2010 10:27 AM |


The brand new video for Arcade Fire‘s standout Suburbs track “We Used to Wait” hit the web this morning, and it seems like a pretty important leap forward for the form, in that it uses all sorts of technology, like HTML 5 and Google Maps to create an interactive experience for the viewer. You visit this website and enter your childhood address, and then… then I don’t know what happens. I imagine we get some sort of personalized, nostalgic look at our childhood, but I can’t be sure because my computer is getting super pissed off at me and refuses to load the clip. There’s even a warning on the site that says the whole thing will be taxing on your processor and that you should quit all other programs. They’re not kidding. [via Stereogum]