Are NYC Community Gardens Really in Jeopardy?

08/09/2010 2:14 PM |


  • Gardens make everything alright.

It’s hard to say, really, what’s going to happen to community gardens on September 17th when the provisional Garden Settlement expires (because nobody can seem to get a straight answer out of anyone with authority). Granted, both parks commissioner Adrian Benepe and the Mayor’s Office have made politic statements about being pro community garden (bold!), but as the proposed rules would suggest, certain safeguards against development will disappear…

This is why it’s VERY IMPORTANT you attend tomorrow morning’s meeting on the subject, an open forum for citizens to voice their concerns about loopholes through which developers might drive their back hoes. The prospect of New York losing any one of its 600 community gardens to more development is just awful—this is a big deal, folks, so if you can make it, please do…

The meeting is at the Chelsea Recreation Center located at 430 West 25th Street, at 11am. If you want to speak, you need to register by the end of today (call 212-360-1335 or email

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