Belle & Sebastian’s New Album Now Has a Title and Cover Art

08/11/2010 3:59 PM |


Belle & Sebastian has a new album coming out, their first in over four years, and the cover is going to be that picture on the right. I mean, it’s no Weezer artwork, but it does fit nicely into the Belle & Sebastian aesthetic. Here’s the kicker though: The album will be called Belle & Sebastian Write About Love. It’s charming, because it’s true.

While there’s still no word on a release date, there is a note from Stuart Murdoch on the band’s web site encouraging fans to post pictures or videos on his newly formed Flickr group of them writing the phrase “Belle & Sebastian Write About Love” or “Write About Love” around their town. Before reminding you to use chalk or something non-permanent, he gives this tidbit: “We’ll choose some of the most scenic, artistic and elaborate ones and present the best submissions with a trophy of some sort!” A pretty cute picture with a cat in it has already been submitted. So keep your eyes peeled — this could be like when the Clay Your Hands Say Yeah graffiti became a marginally famous landmark for a week, but far more adorable.