Bloomberg’s Approval Rating Lowest in Five Years

08/11/2010 10:51 AM |

Bloomberg eats hot dog

  • “Is this Halal?”

We’ve never been big fans of Michael Bloomberg around here, but I gotta say I admire his dogged defense of the proposed Cordoba House Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero—it was nice to be reminded of that old fashioned conservative respect for the Constitution and private property… But that speech probably didn’t help much with his approval rating among New Yorkers who, as we’ve sadly learned, aren’t all that big on the aforementioned conservative values (seriously, 74 percent of Republicans surveyed are in favor of the state interfering with the rights of private citizens). Having dropped seven points since April, Bloomie now stands at the unfortunate number of 49.

Of course, when you think about it, that approval rating probably has a lot more to do with a stalled economy than anything else, but as we all know, that’s a far less interesting narrative.