Born to Run Was Released 35 Years Ago Today, Here’s What Happened When I Tried to Listen to It

08/25/2010 3:05 PM |


There are a bunch of records I need to be listening to for work right now, but when I heard that today marks the 35th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run album, I decided I owed it to myself, to Bruce, to stop for 40 minutes and give it a close listen. So I found the record and put it on the turntable, or I thought I did, anyway. As I sat on my couch, I realized I was listening to “You May Be Right,” the first song on Billy Joel’s Glass Houses, which I had apparently put in the wrong sleeve last time I listened to it. (It too was released on Columbia Records, by the way, so the labels are identical. Also, it’s a really fucking amazing record, and you should listen to it, I promise.) Then I took out the Glass Houses sleeve, figuring Born to Run would be in there, but no, it was empty. So now I don’t know where the Born to Run record is, which is terrible, but not the end of the world: I remembered that I have a copy of the album’s 30th Anniversary box set thing on CD, which I dug out only to find that the disc was missing. And then I remembered that, for some reason, I have two copies of the box set, one of which had never been opened. It’s open now, and I’m listening to Born to Run. It’s really good. “Backstreets” just started. I need to be more organized.

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  • This absolutely did not happen.

    “I ventured to the Barnes & Noble music section and bought a four-disc set of B.J.’s “Greatest Hits,” one of which was a full disc of his musings about art and music. I must admit that I also bought a copy of an album I already had

  • Yeah, right? Terminally hipster, sneering stores wouldn’t stock Billy Joel box sets, probably?

    I do believe that this guy lives in fear of the savage judgment of oblivious young people working at Barnes and Noble though. “Do you, uh, know anything about the Gillian Welch cover on this album? I read in PASTE MAGAZINE that it’s supposedly lovely? No? Well, thanks.” (Phew, stop shaking hands! You nailed it, buddy, totally nailed it!)

  • I should at least admit, though, that this inspired me to play GP/Grievous Angel this afternoon. It’s no Glass Houses, but it’s aight. (Kidding, calm down.)