Breaking: This New Real Estate Single Features Quite a Bit of Reverb

08/20/2010 11:37 AM |


Word came yesterday that Real Estate, the breakout Brooklyn/New Jersey band known for its dreamy, nostalgic and often overtly summery take on indie-pop, will release a new single, via True Panther, on October 6th. The A-side, “Out of Tune” is currently streaming, and it’s a more than worthy addition to their repertoire—it’s doesn’t signal much in the way of a new direction, but it does seem a bit more refined than the material on their debut full-length from last year. The guitar interplay is a bit more interesting (don’t worry, it’s still soaked in reverb, as is everything else), and the overall vibe is less beachy and more, I dunno, locking up the beach house for the winter. Listen below.