Brooklyn College Has a Dorm, Now

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08/31/2010 11:07 AM |

(Artists rendering.)

  • (Artist’s rendering.)

The Daily News heads down Flatbush way to report on the newly opening Farragut Road, the first-ever Brooklyn College dormitory, and soak up some collegiate color. Brooklyn College students: They eat greasy food at 3am (the reporter talks to the manager of a local Crown Friend Chicken)! They put Jim Morrison posters on their dormitory walls! Just like real college students!

There is a slightly bigger issue here, though: namely, Brooklyn College needs no longer be an exclusively commuter school, and indeed would appear to prefer not to be, as evidenced by their new $4.1 million door. For many young people, moving to Brooklyn is the new moving to New York—the NYU and New School kids who used to live off-campus in Alphabet City now live in Williamsburg, also a hub for prepostgraduates from liberal arts collegs all across the East Coast, as many have noted. So why not bring out-of-state students directly to Brooklyn? Brooklyn College may become a new college hub in Flatbush, similar to Pratt in Fort Greene-Clinton Hill-Bed Stuy (which, if you haven’t seen Art School Confidential, was at once far more inhospitable to students than Flatbush is now). We all eagerly await the further spread of hipster-to-yuppie gentrification.