Brooklyn Performance Artist Nate Hill Dons Blank Disguise to Discover Next Persona

08/10/2010 12:49 PM |

Nate Hill Mr. Dropout

Following his successes with retired performance art characters Death Bear and the Club Animals, Nate Hill is starting research on his next piece with a blank canvas: himself. The new performance, Mr. Dropout (pictured), has Hill dressed in all white from head to toe, and walking the length of Manhattan along Broadway (follow his trajectory on Twitter). Hill explains the process on his website like so: “I am ready to choose a new artistic identity, but first I would like to erase all my former identities. To restart from a white canvas. To detach from myself. To be a creature in a cocoon.” Check out footage of Mr. Dropout’s epic Broadway walk after the jump.


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  • Proof that no one even does a double-take. People don’t give a fuck in NYC. The city where anyone can do anything! god love it.