Brooklyn Pizza Institution Grimaldi’s Gets One More Year

08/16/2010 9:28 AM |

Grimaldis Pizzeria DUMBO

As expected, Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli met Mark Waxman, son of Dorothy Waxman, the owner of the 19 Old Fulton Street, in court on Friday, handing him a check for back rent and earning a very lenient decision from Judge Robin Shears, who, the Brooklyn Paper reports, upheld the late-paying tenant’s current lease through November 2011. Waxman, however, vowed that the pizzeria’s lease would not be renewed at that time. Ciolli, despite the lenient ruling, got right up in Waxman’s face during a recess, screaming: “This is a stab in the back—this is bullshit!” Which, yes, it is, but on the bright side: 15 more months of delicious pizza in Dumbo—and then Chelsea.