Built to Spill Turns Their Own Songs Into Synth-Pop

08/02/2010 4:58 PM |


The 1980s will not die, not in Urban Outfitters catalogs and not in indie-rock’s love for synth-pop. As such, Built to Spill frontman Doug Martsch and bassist Brett Nelson have covered seven of their own songs in an 80s new-wave style, because why not, they’re in Built to Spill, they can do whatever they want to. The recordings, dubbed the Electronic Anthology Project, are available at CD Baby and at stops on their current tour, but down below you can hear Keep It Like a Secret‘s spellbinding “Else” — now called “Eels” — as heard in a Molly Ringwald movie. Two more are available here for your sampling pleasure. Nothing makes much sense.

Tracklist with original song in parentheses:
1 I Dim Our Angst In Agony (Goin’ Against Your Mind)
2 Age I Felt (Get a Life)
3 At the Where (The Weather)
4 Eels (Else)
5 What If Your Dull (I Would Hurt a Fly)
6 A Gloss Siren (Israel’s Song)
7 Far Path Tall Sign (Things Fall Apart)

Electronic Anthology Project – “Eels” by Obit Tip Lulls

Via Pitchfork via Twenty Four Bit