Check Out the Soundtrack for Sofia Coppola’s New Film Inspired by Phoenix

08/27/2010 12:11 PM |


I’ve clearly been living under a rock, as this is news to me, but apparently Sofia Coppola in on the cusp of releasing a new movie, a movie inspired by Phoenix, that French pop band that her boyfriend sings in. Somewhere is scheduled to debut at the Venice Film Festival in a few weeks (December 22 everywhere else), and now we have news that its soundtrack will include songs from Foo Fighters, The Police, T.Rex, Sebastian Tellier, Gwen Stefani and The Strokes, whose demo “I’ll Try Anything Once” can be heard in the trailer below. This comes in addition to tracks from Lost in Translation contributor William Storkson and Phoenix’s “Love Like a Sunset, Part 1” and “Love Like a Sunset, Part 2” which Coppola credits as the film’s driving inspiration. Full tracklist and trailer, which I’ve already watched six times, after the jump.

Soundtrack tracklist:
1. Phoenix — Love Like a Sunset Part I
2. William Storkson — Ghandi Fix
3. Foo Fighters — My Hero
4. The Police — So Lonely
5. Amerie — 1 Thing
6. T. Rex — 20th Century Boy
7. Gwen Stefani — Cool
8. Paolo Jannacci — Che si fa
9. Gwen Stefani — Cool
10. Romulo — Teddy Bear
11. Kiss — Love Theme From Kiss
12. The Strokes — I’ll Try Anything Once
13. Sebastian Tellier — Look
14. Bryan Ferry — Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
15. William Storkson — Massage Music
16. Phoenix — Love Like A Sunset Part II

Via Consequence of Sound