Comforting Thoughts: There’s an NYC Gang Called “The Master Race” (Featuring Members of the FDNY!)

08/03/2010 1:04 PM |

Ed Norton

  • At some point I will play a cop, and a fireman.

Holy shit. This is just like a movie starring Edward Norton and, oh, I dunno, Robert Duvall.

So, unsealed court documents in the trial of Queens firefighter Patrick Murray revealed yesterday that the alleged marijuana grower (urban farming!) is a member of a lovely group of pot-growing entrepreneurs called “The Master Race” (the “master race” in this case obviously being the Irish race, renowned for its temperate approach to such things as conflict resolution and the consumption of fermented grains). The Master Race, apparently, started out in the mid-80s as a small-time crew of taggers and petty criminals, but moved up to more lucrative stuff, like drugs and stealing cars—perfect part-time work for firemen!

And even though I have a hard time ginning up outrage at pot growers, the name of that gang really gives me the heebie jeebies.

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  • Great article genius! Shows you know a whole lot about the crew.

    1) They were not a crew of taggers, but rather a crew of MUCH RESPECTED graffiti writers throughout all of NYC in the 80’s and 90’s. Actually, one of the original members has an autobiography coming this month, available on

    2) Yeah, they’re called The Master Race (TMR), but they NEVER EVER were a racist crew, considering that a significant minority of the crew was NON-WHITE! The leader, SAINT, got the name from an old Dead Kennedys song.

  • Thanks for the link to! I will check out that website!

  • You’re welcome! You should check it out. It’s titled Ghost: RIS Crew. Here’s a more specific link for you:

    Check out this as well:

    RIS and TMR had several mutual members.

    Ghost, Saint, Sent, Cro, Duel, Mirage, Stane, and Neo were the original members and were NOT jackassy taggers just covering their neighborhoods. By the way, two of those mentioned are NOT white! So much for their name being used in the same piece showing Ed Norton in American History X.

  • I also forgot to mention Krome TMR, who’s black.

  • love is all we need

  • The Most Respected… more than two of the tags you listed above from the the TMR crew were were not white…in fact by 1990 the crew had grown so large that the police from the local station(111 pct.) were out numbered like 3 to 1 and more than half the crew was non white… it was a graffiti crew plain and simple!!! all this bullshit about TMR the pot growing crew is just that bullshit!!! what the members of the crew grew up to do or become has nothing to do with what was done as a bunch of roudy teenagers(most of which have gone on to do positive things),it’s more about the feds trying to turn old freindships into organized crime rings so that they can justify there own existance…yeah pat was a fireman and yeah he got caught growing pot and yes he was a part of the crew back in the day but if him getting caught growing pot makes every member of the TMR crew a pot grower then everymember of the FDNY must be pot growers also cause that was the crew that pat was a part of when he got caught…sounds pretty stupid huh??? yeah…whats even dumber is that he’s gonna spend 7 years in prision for doing something thats legal in at least 18 states in the country for medicinal use and legal for recreational use in 2 states so far…one nation indivisable under god my ass!!! DON”T GET IT TWISTED PEOPLE…

  • johnny is going by what the DEA says ,,, and to build there case to make it look like they busted a big ring ,, when in fact PAT just got his case over turned and cut free because of all the lies the head agent made up!!! that lady needs to be in jail ,,, as for TMR, posting this picture of a raciest movie to make it look like TMR is a crew of that kind is even funnier ,, they have never been like that ever there crew is people of all walks of life asian, white ,black , spanish , indian u name it. i can go on for a hour typing names of writers and where there family stems from but that would give more ammo to this agent lady to start a new case and put more guys in jail ,, if ur a family member or say hello to a old Graffitti member watch ur ass u might get 5 years and ur family accused of being a gang member to make it look like there a crazy drug dealer ,,,

  • I don’t know what crew your talking about but the one I ran with the one that’s been tattooed on my shoulder ( TMR )since my youth , has made me what I am today standup motherfucker that’s got principles morals and values that puts his family first because when I ran the streets I put that family (TMR) first ,, we grew up in a time when numbers were important if you were alone the streets Ate you up we weren’t having that as far as that racists opinion racist outlook that you got on us as a whole is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard in my life
    Hey here is a brainstorm for you want to do a little background research find out exactly all the different ethnic backgrounds of the individuals that were crew back then and do some more research and find out where most of us are today
    Cause I know wihere most of us are today working regular type jobs Busting our asses swinging hammers owning homes raising children paying property tax paid school tax and trying to live and PS for the record that bullshit statement that stereotype statement that you made about Irish people dispute resolution consuming fermented grains
    You’re quite the fucking clown I love to really stereotype my people Irish people and smack the living shit out of you


  • Oh yea one other thing,,, mother fuck the DEA, them faggits are one of theost structured gangs in the country
    Take drugs off the street put the original dealer in jail put the drugs back on the street but you motherfuckers worried about a little bit of pot being grown you joking right

  • Yeah how old are you (the person writing this article) and are you from NY. Every kid in the NYC area incfluding Jersey and Westchester fooled around with writing. Its a right of passage like country kids tipping cows. What outsiders think as the mean streets of NY city was fun sh*t for us kids – buying booze and other things at a young age was what it was about. Just experiencing NY at its dog poo finest (dog poo was everywhere – especially when you played football it got all over everything – I remember meeting my parents at Beefsteak Charlies in Flushing covered in crap – going up and getting thirds at the shrimp bar- damn they had a good salad bar there) but anyway to the writer of this you sound young and uninformed – there was a different world out there that you never knew about!