Conor Oberst Started Growing Bob Dylan’s Beard, Performs Arizona Protest Song at Concert for Equality

08/02/2010 4:18 PM |

Conor Oberst has been an active participant in The Sound Strike, a coalition of artists joined together to protest Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070. He was also on hand in his hometown of Omaha this weekend for the Concert for Equality, ACLU benefit show to help fight the Freemont Law, similar piece of legislation being pushed through in Nebraska. He performed a set with Bright Eyes, which included a new, Arizona-themed track called “Coyote Song,” which you can hear above. Oberst also reformed his long defunct politically minded band, Desaparacidos, for the event Video of that is over at Consequence of Sound. More (fine, less) importantly, it’s barely visible in the video, but Obserst appears to have grown a little bit of a beard, which seems like a reasonably wise move for him at this juncture of his career. Just saying. [via Pitchfork]