Cymbals Eat Guitars Cover My Favorite Superchunk Song, Somehow Manage Not to Ruin It

08/17/2010 9:02 AM |

I generally find Cymbals Eat Guitars‘ very obviously 90s-inspired indie rock to be lacking character—like Built to Spill without the hooks, or Modest Mouse without the steadfast weirdness. But when they recorded their contribution to the A.V. Undercover series, they took on one of the heaviest hitters of their favorite decade, and they pulled it off nicely. “Detroit Has a Skyline” is vintage Superchunk—high-energy, hard-hitting, melodic—and after something of a rough start they manage to maintain all the charm of the original, with an added bonus of near screaming throughout. Good stuff. [A.V. Club]

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  • I like this. What’d you guys make of Glen Hansard last week? I thought he mailed it in, (he could do MUCH better).

  • I actually haven’t watched yet. I was out of town when it was posted, and I’m generally skeptical of NMH covers. I will, though.