Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Drunk Bicycling

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08/09/2010 8:59 AM |

The guy in front is the designated driver.

  • The guy in front is the designated driver.

Drunk bicycling, a pastime which combines two of one’s favorite activities, especially if one is Danish, is the subject of a recent City Room post. It’s a great article, if you’ve ever wondered about the potential legal and/or physical consequences of cycling drunk, and about cyclists’ stated attitudes and actual behaviors in regards to the practice. (The reader comments expand on the perspectives.) The consensus is that people know they shouldn’t, but sometimes do, but not when they think they’ve had too much, and that—given that bikes are good for the city’s transportation infrastructure and that it’s in everybody’s best interests to keep drunks of all types off the road—cabbies shouldn’t start their meter until you’ve taken off your quick-release wheel, jammed it and the frame into the trunk, and slammed the door shut on the third clanging attempt (that last part I made up).

The only thing the piece, with all its interesting context, lacks, is any kind of discernible news hook whatsoever, which makes me think that the author had a 24-hour newshole to feed, and no pertinent topics except recent personal experience.