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08/04/2010 1:00 AM |

Dear Audrey,
I love to see nice women’s legs crossed thigh-thigh, calf-knee or, more revealingly, in a ankle-thighs position. It’s a pleasure to see long and curvaceous legs in a joyous gait, gliding, striding, wiggling and bouncing. As you can see, I am a leg man. Now, I have two questions. I see a lot of voluptuous thighs rubbing against each other in the crotch area. Can these ladies reach an orgasm while walking? And here’s the other one: I also noticed that some women’s legs do not meet where they should. They grow almost parallel from the pelvic girdle leaving one or two inches between them in the crotch area. Does it mean these girls have a big outer labia?

Um, what? I’m going to spare us all the lecture about how it’s problematic to say how bodies “should” and “should not” look because I am busy saying what? to your final question. I feel like maybe this is just an anatomy confusion? But I’m not entirely sure where to start.

I guess first of all, there’s a pretty wide natural variation in how people’s hip sockets are situated. You yoga nerds know what I’m talking about. So you’ve got these ball and socket joints that the legs come out of, right? The top of the femur is a ball of bone, then there is what’s called the “femur neck,” then the femur proper (femur shaft). The femur neck and femur shaft are connected at an angle, and this angle is different for everyone, though it’s generally in the neighborhood of 125 degrees.

These slight variations in bone angle are what you are seeing when you notice that some women have more space between the tops of their thighs than others. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the labia. I would say generally, labia don’t do a whole lot in terms of guiding bone development.

It’s funny for me to think that you consider the non-touching thighs to be the strange ones, since there’s so much cultural importance attached to being skinny enough not to have your thighs touch (though for some women with narrower angles of femur inclination, this is not possible no matter how little flesh they have on their legs). Oh, fucked-up diet culture!

As far as your first question goes: maybe? Certainly somewhere in this big wide world is a chick who is hot for thigh rubbing. Generally, though, I’m going to say no. There’s not a lot of the primary lady junk that is stimulated by normal walking.

With the disclaimer that all bodies are different, and I’m speaking only from what I know, one’s clit is a good 2 to 3 inches higher up than the tops of one’s thighs, and buried beneath labia besides. I don’t know that many people find the rubbing together of the outer labia particularly stimulating, and I also don’t think most women even have their labia moved by walking. (Wow, this column sure has a lotta labia in it, no?)

Thighs generally rub more toward the center or inside of the thigh meat, rather than at the top cleft. This often leads to an uncomfortable condition known colloquially as “chub rub,” which let’s not even talk about in this heat (try deodorant, though, or body glide like runners use). Because of that, plus the whole skinny thing, I suspect thigh rubbing is a source of shame more often than pleasure for women.


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  • This man sure loves female legs!!! Oh he’s waxing poetic about the whole thing even looking into the very nature of its construction, is he romantic or a perv?

    I personally love butts, a woman’s bottom is her sexiest asset, but would i actually delve into the realm of deconstructing and understanding the biological factors of my lust? No.

    Does beauty and lust arise from culture? Probs 50/50

    I like the connection in his mind though. He finds legs so sexually arousing that he wants to see if women derive as much pleasure from his object of desire as he does. What do women like for men to do with their legs?
    I say pretzel positions, but that might just be my bias.