Hating on Tank Tops: The Point Break Edition

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08/10/2010 12:04 PM |

If you’re on the fence about coming to watch Point Break at SummerScreen on Wednesday, please refer to this video of the greatest 7 minute chase scene of all time. It includes cars, gas hoses, an angry housewife hitting Keanu Reeves with a broom, and a complete lack of respect for the stop, drop and roll when your tuxedo is on fire rule. If this doesn’t convince you, please leave this webpage, go to Fandango.com, and buy your Eat, Pray, Love tickets for the midnight showing.

Please arrive at the McCarren Park Ballfields (on N12th and Beford) at 6 pm to check out the live music shows curated by Free Williamsburg (This week we hear Total Slacker with some surprise guests). Drink some Sixpoint beer and Brooklyn Soda Works fizzy drinks, and eat all the San Loco, Asia Dog, and Red Hook Lobster Pound you can nourish yourself with before you drive your car through a parking turnstile. After the movie, check out the after party at Pete’s Candy Store. It may not be a bonfire, but there will probably be some football game lit by headlights.

Also, it’s worth noting that the innocent bystander in the cutoffs at 2:32 of this video looks a lot like everyone in Williamsburg. So, be careful.

Hasta la Wednesday.