High School Football Coming to McCarren Park, Hipsters to Dress as Cheerleaders and Band Geeks

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08/25/2010 10:31 AM |

Fucking hipsters. I bet they even listen to Vampire Weekend.

  • Fucking hipsters. I bet they even listen to “Vampire Weekend.”

If you subscribe at all to the notion that irony is basically a onesie we put on so that we can play around in our nostalgia without staining our cool clothes with the telltale traces of our suburban upbringing—and I think we’re entering a stage now where we barely even need the onesie anymore, inasmuch as our “cool outfit” is now also a onesie, it’s all very complicated—you should perhaps be aware that high school football may be coming to McCarren Park, where you already play kickball.

The Brooklyn Paper‘s Aaron Short has lately been reporting on the plight of the Automotive High School’s football team (go Pistons!), who, because of various permits issues with the Parks Department, have been playing their home games at the Grand Street Campus fields, off the Grand Street L at Bushwick Ave.

Now, Short reports, it looks as though the Automotive High School may get two play two home games on McCarren Park’s main track-encircled, fully lit artificial turf field—pending the resolution of scheduling conflicts, and, though the article doesn’t mention this, the construction of bleachers, to fingerbang under.

The Friday nights in question are September 25 and November 7. You can pretend that warm feeling inside you is just a product of the vodka you snuck in in a flask, just like you used to, back in the town you couldn’t wait to get out of.

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  • Hipsters don’t need to dress as band geeks, we already have a band! Please come cheer though, it will definitely be a great game!

  • When I said “band geeks,” I pretty much meant chillwave. But the AHS band is much better than Neon Indian. Check it:


  • The two game dates are confirmed. On Saturday September 25th at 11am Automotive HS will take on Bayside HS at McCarren park soccer/football field.
    It will be our first game on what’s really a home field in 5 years. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. See you at the game.

    Haz Khawaja
    Head Coach
    Automotive HS