If You Want to Pick Up Hot Hipster Chicks Come See Labyrinth at SummerScreen Tomorrow

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08/17/2010 3:50 PM |

It’s true. Any girl who was a little too counter-culture to like the Disney princesses but feminine enough to rock a crop top from American Apparel undoubtedly has an obsession with the movie Labyrinth. And all of them, all of them are going to be writhing on itchy Mexican blankets tomorrow night waiting for you to tell them “Hey, you remind me of the babe.” And then they’ll be blown away at your sensitivity to their nostalgia, and since you are probably skinny and have side swept bangs they’ll momentarily project their secret attraction to David Bowie onto you, and then you can all go make out in the garden at Pete’s Candy Store, and someone will take a Polaroid of it.

But before any of that happens, we all have live music to listen to, food to scarf, beer to drink, and Jennifer Conneley’s mom jeans to envy. Bring your be-spandex’d selves to McCarren Park Ballfields (on N12th and Beford) at 6 pm to check out music from hometown heroes Steel Phantoms and the ethereal beauties of Deluka. We’re crossing our fingers that one of them will play a Bowie cover or eight.

While you’re painting a lightning bolt on your face, don’t forget to enter our Fandango Contest, and drink some Sixpoint and eat enough San Loco, Pizza Moto, and Asia Dog to make Major Tom proud.

And for all of you Ren-fair nerds who aren’t going to go home and work on your personal muppet art projects after the movie, Pete’s Candy Store is having an after party with $3 pints of Six Point Sweet Action and a $9 Panini and Six Point special for the first 50 Pete’s cardholders. You can pick up your Pete’s card at the SummerScreen front desk at the entrance to the park.

So do up that hair and don’t be afraid of showing a little bulge. We can almost guarantee that you’ll get laid if you memorize a few of the songs in this movie. See you Wednesday, babe.