Just Kidding About That Belle & Sebastian Album Cover From the Other Day…

08/17/2010 3:33 PM |


Turns out the Internet was just messing with us about the cover art to the new Belle & Sebastian album last week. The actual artwork is what you see below — undeniably Belle & Sebastian-y, yes? The record, still called Belle & Sebastian Write About Love, comes our way October 12 via Matador. In other multimedia B&S news, we just spent a good 15 minutes on Flickr checking out the “Write About Love” photo gallery that Stuart recently set up and Matador posted a clip from a forthcoming mini TV show that the band filmed last week as a way of introducing the world to some of the new material, which you can also see down below. We’d like to point out the audience dress code, taken from a message on the band’s web site, just in case there was any question about Stuart Murdoch still being endearing:

“One thing to note is that there is a rough dress code: we’re thinking 1971, undergraduate, muted colours, turtle necks, slacks, no crazy patterns and top buttons undone. The usual deal!”

The usual, hehe.