Lame-ification of Coney Island Continues Apace

08/10/2010 2:27 PM |

shoot the freak

  • A license to print money, obviously.

How does one go about illustrating the financial viability of a classic pastime like “Shoot the Freak”? Furthermore, to what extent can one provide a clearer explanation of a business model beyond its crystalline name, “Beer Island”?

Well, that’s exactly what’s being asked of Coney Island entrepreneur Anthony Berlingieri, owner of the aforementioned boardwalk institutions, by new Luna Park landlords Central Amusement International (who sound like they really get amusement). In a nice lawyerly letter, C.A.I. asked 11 businesses on the Reigleman Boardwalk if they thought they could make at the “new” and “improved” Coney. Ugh.

Asked the letter: “What will make your business successful? How will the business be marketed?” Worst of all, though, was a request for an actual fucking business plan (which is really a demand, as the letter says, “Failure to submit a plan will be considered as an expression that you are not interested in renewing your license.”

Berlingieri went on to tell the Brooklyn Paper:

How are you going to ask me to explain [the success of my business] in my busy season, when I’m working seven days a week, 14 hours a day?