Let’s All Go Have Brunch At This Bay Ridge Cafe Which Feeds the Unemployed for Free

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08/19/2010 8:56 AM |


Today the Daily News profiles Salvatore Forte and his botique/cafe Hom, on 3rd and 88th in Bay Ridge, where the unemployed brunch for free (provided they call ahead and ask for it). He’s handed out about a dozen free meals since last fall.

“It’s such a relief to not feel stressed about getting the check,” said Matthew Bartos, 35, of Bensonhurst, who lost his construction job last April.

Bartos and his wife, Nicole, 31, parked their three young children with Barcos’ mother and had a free breakfast of empanadas and sangria at Hom about a week ago in the restaurant’s dining room with hardwood floors and beaded chandeliers.

It was a rare moment of calm in Bartos’ life since his savings ran out and he was forced to move his family into a one-bedroom apartment last summer.

Presumably Hom is being overrun with reservations after this swell in publicity; you should probably eat there too, and pay, so he can afford it. Or, alternately, if you’re unemployed: you should eat there! Man cannot live on canned tuna alone.

This isolated beacon of altruism of course proves that the unfortunate need never rely on the government for help.