Madison Square Garden Exhibitionist Antony Gormley Takes 100 Sculptures to Austrian Alps

08/02/2010 1:59 PM |

Antony Gormley in Austrian Alps

Antony Gormley‘s about-to-close Event Horizon (through August 15) sculptural installation has been messing with suicide-watchers in, around and above Madison Square Park, but his brand new piece in conjunction with Kunsthaus Bregenz, Horizon Field, in the Austrian Alps shouldn’t cause too many complaints, except maybe from cows (pictured) and mountain goats. For the project, 100 of the British artist’s cast iron figures were spread (by helicopter!) over an area of 150 square kilometers. The Guardian‘s got a beautiful slideshow of the expansive installation, which, in case you’re backpacking around Eastern Europe between now and April 2012, stretches in a horizontal line from Mellau to Dalaas. (ArtInfo, ArtDaily)