Metro-North Bar Cars to Be Resurrected, Defeated Salarymen to Stay Drunk

08/18/2010 9:36 AM |

bar car

  • The soft judder of a warm train; the bitter glow of a stiff drink.

Phew. I was pretty upset last April when I learned that the Metro-North New Haven line was going to be losing its bar cars. Not because I take that particular train very much, but rather because I felt it to be yet another sign of the ongoing failure of the world, a symbol of the dumb mistakes we’ve made, and all that we’ve lost…

But no! Thanks to clamoring drunks in beige trench coats everywhere, the Connecticut D.O.T. has come up with a new design for bar cars that should be ready by 2012, which will include more seats and, to the dismay of some regular commuter drinkers, less room for standing and mingling. Says Connecticut Rail Commuter Councilmember Terri Cronin:

[The old bar car was] like a big group party. You end up talking to all these people you never would have talked to if you were sitting in all these little social pods everywhere.