Michael Enright: Hero-Victim of Gay Rapist? Or Liberal Patsy?

08/27/2010 11:34 AM |

I did WHAT last night?

  • “I did WHAT last night?”

It would be easy to make Michael Enright, the “Are You Muslim?” cabbie slasher, a crazed Islamophobe, the culmination of weeks of anti-“Islamic cultural center in Tribeca” fervor. The truth, always, is more complicated.

As more information trickles out about Enright, he sounds more like a shell-shocked alcoholic (who committed a horrifying, inexcusable act) than a bigot.

Or, is he actually an avenging angel of the sexually straight? Or, a liberal fall guy meant to embarrass the righteous critics of the Islamic cultural center in Tribeca?

The commentariat of the New York Post is, thankfully, piecing together The Real Story on their own—fuck da “facts”.

Yesterday morning, “Murse” offered a compelling counter-story.

How do we know what really happen. For all we know is that the cab driver was offering him oral pleasure and he was just defending himself from him. I know that if someone locked me up in a car and was driving crazy, I would stabbed the nut with a knife as well.

It would be easy to criticize this theory, but remember: the cab driver does live in New York City.

More fascinating is the idea that Enright is an agent provocateur of the left. After all, we’ve learned that he volunteered for an organization promoting interfaith understanding, with an emphasis on supporting the Islamic cultural center in Tribeca.

TaxPayingDupe is getting to the bottom of it: “This idiot mommas boy has always been liberal and worked for a liberal organization that supported the 9/11 mosque abomination,” he writes. “This appears to be a ‘false flag operation’ to embarrass the 9/11 mosque opposition.”

Obvs! Cuz those rabid bigots patriots are incapable of embarrassing themselves.

Archon isn’t afraid, unlike his intellectual colleague TaxPayingDupe, to tell the truth in ALLCAPS.

“THIS IS A STAGED EVENT COORDINATED BY THE SAME PEOPLE BEHIND THE GAZA FLOTILLA!,” he writes. “Michael Enright an AGENT PROVOCATEUR trying to create the appearance that there is ‘real’ bias against muslims in NYC.”


The Post itself was at pains yesterday to distance its own fear mongering from Enright. Its editorial section was basically a two-page “don’t blame us!” spread, with an institutional op-ed on the left and a Jonah Goldberg essay, “The Islamophobia Myth” (LOL) on the right.

That piece actually captioned a photo of cultural center protesters as “victims of hateful stereotyping”. Pity the poor psychopaths.

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