Neil Young Solo Album, Le Noise, Coming Out Next Month

08/24/2010 10:56 AM |


Last Friday, Neil Young announced via Facebook that he’ll release a new album, his ten billionth, on September 28th. It’s called, oh dear god, Le Noise, and it was produced by Daniel Lanois, who says it’s some of Young’s “best work in some time.” Here’s what Neil himself had to say about it.

“Le Noise” is complete. It is a solo record. Playbacks are happening now. Release date is September 28th. It will be available in Vinyl, CD and I tunes in the first edition, followed by Blu-Ray, and an APP for I-Phone and I-Pad a month or so later. The app will be free. It gives you an interactive album cover. Forgive my use of the word “album”. I am old school. When you buy the songs/movies from I- tunes they show up in your APP. Peace ny

For some reason, even despite the boneheaded disappointment that was 2009’s Fork in the Road, I have really high hopes for this one. (Also, though, what do old people think we call albums now?)