New Ride, The Ride, To Turn Entire City Into Improv Performance for Tourists

08/09/2010 9:41 AM |

The Ride

The Ride, a new interactive theatrical bus tour of Midtown to be unveiled Thursday morning in Times Square and begin trips next month, will offer riders a more “real” version of New York City than the actual city. 49 passengers will go on each journey aboard a bus equipped with 40 video screens (or .8 per person), 3,000 LED lights (or 61 lights per person) and a floor-shaking sound system to simulate the rumble of subways, night clubs, maybe even the old Times printing presses on 43rd Street—kind of like those new NYPD sirens.

Local actors will perform and improvise scenes of daily life in New York City throughout its history both on the bus and adjacent sidewalks. Eventually, presumably, writer John Bobey (who writes for Glenn Beck!) and director Michael Counts will have every New Yorker in on the act so that it’s really believable (just like in Synecdoche, New York). In the meantime, show up to Broadway and 46th Street at 10:30am on Thursday for the public unveiling—just remember to come in character. (Playblog)