Ninja Tune to Release 20th Anniversary Box Set

08/18/2010 1:39 PM |


Pioneering electronic label Ninja Tune, which has released music by everyone from Amon Tobin to Kid Koala, turns 20 years old this September, and to celebrate, they’re releasing a massive box set called, simply, XX. It’s out on October 5th, and as for the contents, well, it’s confusing, but from what I can tell, it will include 6 CDs, 7 7″s, and a bunch of 12″s, as well as… I don’t know. Lots of other stuff, it seems. The press release is after the jump.

The Box Set
So this is it. You’ve heard us going on about foiling and seven inch
singles and clothbound this and that. There will also be 4 CDs of new music, blinding remixes and full-on exclusives. But first, a

The Ninja Tune label is twenty years old this September. Yes, it’s two
whole decades since Matt Black and Jon More (aka Coldcut) first
released music under that stealthy imprint. And twenty years on Ninja is still going strong, if not stronger, if not stronger than stronger. What we’ve put together to celebrate this momentous anniversary is not a retrospective but what we’re calling a futurespective (that’s the kind of people we are. We make up words and you either buy in or we come round your house and suffocate you with a crisp packet.) What we mean is it’s a compilation of new stuff, of newness and newly made remixes that are new. What we mean is it’s really fucking good, what we mean is… oh, just listen.

So, here we go (this is a fool’s game in that one man’s monkey is
another man’s amour.) In terms of the four CDs, particular
moments to look out for include (but aren’t limited to): Two Fingers’
absolutely pummeling opener “Fools”; Autechre’s minimalist remix of The Bug’s “Skeng”; Toddla T and Ms Dynamite’s new collaboration; the return of Big Dada Sound with the cream of the label’s UK MCs riding a Bless Beats rhythm; Micachu’s remix of Roots Manuva’s “Dub Styles”; new and exclusive tracks from Zomby and Dorian Concept (which are killer, but we would say that) ; the Floating Points Ensemble’s epic soul-jazz number “Post Suite”; the exquisite link-up between Lou Rhodes and The Cinematic Orchestra on “One Good Thing”; Diplo remix of his own classic “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You”; Todd Edward’s twisted hijack of Spank Rock’s “What It Look Like”; Gaslamp Killer’s vicious re-work of DJ Vadim’s classic “Terrorist”; the truly far-out “Foley Room” reinterpretation from the Kronos Quartet; Mark Pritchard’s virtuosic take on Poirier’s “Get Crazy”; Mala’s dubphonic interpretation of Andreya Triana’s “A Town Called Obsolete”; or a hostof killer tracks from new and up-and-coming artists including Eskmo, Emika, Shuttle, Dark Sky, Offshore and DELS. This four CD promo willbe – more or less – the first four CDs in the box set – these CDs will also have a general commercial release as two double packs (are you following?). A few tracks haven’t come in on schedule and they’ll be added but it should give you an idea.

And remember, while all of this material will be available in two 2CD
packs for consumption in your local HMV, the box set will contain two further complete CDs, plus six 7″ singles which will NEVER be anywhere other than in that box. Or on your turntable, obviously. Plus box set owners will also be able to download the King Cannibal mix album, “The Way Of The Ninja” and will be sent 2 free exclusive 12″s more details of which below, cos we just can’t give you enough…

What you haven’t got, but will also be in the box set is further
exclusive music and remixes by Coldcut, Roots Manuva, King Geedorah, The Cinematic Orchestra, Zomby, Modeselektor , The Orb, Cut Chemist,Gold Panda, 808 State, Jaga Jazzist, Prefuse 73,The Heavy, Mr Scruff, EL-P, Kid Koala, Rustie, cLOUDDEAD, Matthew Herbert and many more….(phew)

And, even though by now you are completely exhausted and intimidated by the sheer MAGNIFICENCE of the package we have placed on the table in front of you, its weight, its depth, the circumference of that bad boy, despite all that we still have more to say.