Pagliacci Coming to Coney Island

08/11/2010 2:35 PM |

source: Kinetic Carnival!

  • source: Kinetic Carnival!

You gotta love Joe Sitt, because the man really gets it. What does Coney Island need at this critical juncture in its history? What has the neighborhood always been known for?

Opera, of course!

Thor Equities will be plugging one of its vacant lots for a few days in early September with The Mercury Opera company, a Canadian group that will stage Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, setting the repertoire classic during the Mermaid Parade, according to Crains.

All jokes aside, it’ll be great to see some summer opera in Brooklyn after the Met essentially dropped out of that business this year (although the Crains article does not make it clear whether admission will be free, or what). Plus, Pagliacci is pretty awesome; if you listen to the following clip long enough, you’ll realize even you know some of the music. (YouTube commenters berate Jose Cura’s musicality here, but I’ve always been impressed with the drama in his voice.) [via Kinetic Carnival]

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