Scary Shit: Mob Beats Man to Death in the Middle of Park Slope

08/02/2010 9:41 AM |

alex santiago

  • Alex Santiago and his wife, Stephanie.

Jesus, this is awful. A gang of around 20 men beat a man to death on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope with crowbars and tire irons, and then tried to stab his companion to death. Apparently Alex Santiago (22, expecting a child next month) had an altercation earlier on Saturday night around Fifth and 10th with a group of guys after “he looked at them wrong,” leading to a brief fist fight. Later in the evening, just past midnight, Santiago was jumped by four guys in a car, who were then joined by about 12 more.

Forgive my naive white liberal rage, but this is just fucking awful and shouldn’t happen anywhere; and it has nothing to do with “real” New York vs. “fake” gentrified New York. Twenty guys beating a man to death for looking at them wrong is a nightmare scenario from a prison yard—not to get all Kitty Genovese here, but midnight on a Saturday night in Park Slope? Wtf, people. And before you accuse me of armchair vigilantism, last summer I found myself in the middle of about a dozen guys beating on another guy with what looked like busted pool cues and table legs; I had my dogs with me and really didn’t know what to do, so I just yelled “hey” really loud with my best cop voice and it froze the mob long enough for the victim to run around the corner to Bedford.

Fucking hell.

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