So, About This New Dr. Dre Song

08/17/2010 12:32 PM |


I spent most of my morning hoping Ben would write about this so I wouldn’t have to, but alas, homeboy is busy writing about museums or whatever, so here I go: Another new Dr. Dre track hit the internet this morning, presumably from the Detox sessions. It’s called “Turn Me On” and it is fucking terrible. So terrible, in fact, that it seems likely it’s an outtake from a much older record. Oh, wait… Ben’s ichatting me about it now.

Ben: it sounds too unsophisticated to be something contemporary, you know?

Mike: or just unfinished. who knows. he just sounds soooo fucking stupid.

Ben: yeah, it’s awful. this is what happens when he doesn’t get a really good MC from detroit to write his verses

Mike: my point, and this goes for really anything he’s done in a long long time, is that he sounds terrible when he’s not just being intimidating, and being intimidating isn’t really very cool anymore.

Ben: agreed. he’s sort of devolved in the opposite way that kanye has gotten better: now you only listen to his music for the beats, and before the verses were actually kind of enjoyable

Mike: right

Ben: (although Kanye’s verses getting better is still a nascent trend)

Mike: you’re right, though, that this actually sounds old in a lot of ways. the big vocal hook, etc. He’s actually gonna run into the chinese democracy problem, where the record takes so long it winds up being an embarrassing document of every silly trend from an entire decade.

Ben: right. which as a weird historical document might end up being really fascinating, even if it’s unlistenable.

Mike: yup