So, Uh, Any Word on That Free M.I.A. Make-Up Show?

08/17/2010 2:02 PM |


After M.I.A.’s by all accounts disastrous July 24th set at Hard NYC was cut short due to rain, the performer promised, via Twitter, that she’d schedule a free make-up show for anyone who still had their ticket stub. “Fuck it,” she wrote, “Im gonna do a free show in nyc when i get back.” Since her last scheduled show was nearly a week ago August 11, at the Oya Festival in Norway, and since she doesn’t have another show scheduled until September 25th in Maryland, it stands to reason that this is the time period she was referring to when she said “back.” Don’t let her forget this one, Internet.

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  • Jimmy? Aaja! Jimmy? Aaja!

  • Er, what kind of a spiteful hack would write this? tagged with ’empty promises’ and ‘talking out of your ass’?

    She said she’d do a show when she gets back and she’s not back. She’s in her home country with her one year old baby. She’s taken ‘nearly a week’ off and it sounds like you’re ready to stone her to death.

    Calm down, breathe, look at the trees outside and then write something kind about someone.