So What’s Good with the Former Members of the Happy Mondays This Week?

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08/25/2010 12:23 PM |


Earlier this week, The Awl brought us the news from Britain’s V Festival over the weekend:

Chants of “Who are you?” were met with confusion by [Shaun] Ryder [the greatest poet since Yeats]… After some bottle-throwing and abuse from the crowd, they were treated to a series of unwanted Happy Mondays and Black Grape covers from Ryder and band including “Kinky Afro”, “Reverend Black Grape” and “Hallelujah”. After calling an abusive member of the crowd “a f**king knob”, Ryder played “Step On” before leaving the stage.

But rather than dwelling too long on the kind of person that would boo “Reverend Black Grape” (put on your Reeboks, man…), let’s check in with Shaun’s old friend and maraca-shaking chemist, Bez. Bez?

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Former Happy Mondays dancer Bez was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday for assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a row over money.

He was originally given a community order at Manchester Magistrates court and was asked to pay 450 pounds ($695) in costs, the Press Association reported.

But Bez… told the chairman of the magistrates’ bench Marie Cash that he would not obey the sentence.

“I’m not doing it. Bothered? I’m going to appeal and take this to a real court,” he said.

In response Cash told Bez, a former winner of Celebrity Big Brother, he was going to jail for one month.

Bez, who represented himself, shouted: “”Victory is in my grasp” as he was handcuffed and taken to the cells.

Who could have imagined it’d come to this?

Oh. Right.