Street Art Superstars Os Gemeos and Futura 2000 Working on Massive Mural at PS 11 in Chelsea

08/09/2010 2:52 PM |

Os Gemeos in Chelsea

Brooklyn Street Art spotted Brazilian brothers and world-famous muralists Os Gemeos—whose work still lurks beneath an OBEY ad on Houston—working on a 50-feet-tall mural at PS 11 on West 20th Street in Chelsea with Futura2000 (and in collaboration with AKANYC and 12ozProphet) over the weekend. The piece (pictured, in progress) features one of the duo’s trademark figures sporting shorts that will eventually, from the looks of things, feature just about every national flag in the world. They’ll be at it until the end of the week at least, so stop by to shout some words of encouragement.