SummerScreen Band Spotlight: Total Slacker

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08/11/2010 12:21 PM |

If we could, we would show tonight’s SummerScreen movie, Point Break, on a loop from now until those shirtless guys from McFadden’s come to the McCarren Park ballfields (on N 12th and Bedford) for their morning basketball game, but we lack the proper permits. Plus, the light from the sun might cause Patrick Swayze’s hair to blend into the sky, hence the reason why we wait til sundown to play the movie. But we’ll be there at 6, and because it’d be kind of weird to just sit on the asphalt and pound some Sixpoint before the film begins, our friends at Free Williamsburg have provided us with some live music while we wait for the sun to go down. Below is a very short video of what will entertain you when you come see Total Slacker perform tonight after Red Romans. Bands go on at 6:30, stretch class starts at the same time.