The Last SummerScreen of The Year: Labyrinth

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08/16/2010 3:38 PM |

Well folks, summer is over. The food trucks are hinting via twitter to their much needed vacations, rooftop barbecues have become just a tiny bit boring, and everyone in Williamsburg is lining up outside Urban Outfitters for their inevitable back-to-school sale on flannel button-downs. And because we participate in trends, the last SummerScreen will be this Wednesday.

Luckily, we have the perfect movie to get drunk and sing along to end this summer right (NOT SPICE WORLD PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME). Labyrinth has been giving us nightmares for ages, and now we can drink some Sixpoint and scream sweet nothings at those mischievous muppets without conviction. Can you do any of that in the winter? Hell no! Let’s Go Team Summer!

So bring your friends, your lovers, and your itchy Mexican woven blankets to McCarren Park Ballfields (on N12th and Beford) at 6 pm to check out the live music shows curated by Free Williamsburg. This week, the fancy-pants nymphs of Deluka prepare our ears for Bowie and our eyes for frosted wigs and glitter (AGAIN, WE ARE NOT SCREENING SPICE WORLD).

Don’t forget to enter our Fandango Contest, and drink some Sixpoint and eat all the San Loco and Asia Dog you can fit into the shoulder pads of your Abba-like catsuit.

And for all of you Ren-fair nerds who aren’t going to go home and work on your personal muppet art projects after the movie, Pete’s Candy Store is having an after party with $3 pints of Six Point Sweet Action and a $9 Panini and Six Point special for the first 50 Pete’s cardholders. You can pick up your Peteâ

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