Tunnel Vision: A Program of Film, Video and Live Music. In a Subway Tunnel.

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08/13/2010 2:31 PM |


The world’s oldest subway tunnel is under Atlantic Avenue, having been built there in 1844 by the Long Island Railroad. This Saturday night, you can go underground for a program featuring a talk on the history of the mythic, Whitman-rhapsodized tunnel short films and video, and live music.

Tunnel Vision—meet tomorrow afternoon at Court and Atlantic—will begin with a brief history, to be followed by a program of short films (by Griffith, Pennebaker, Brakhage—presumably The Wonder Ring?—the Lumières and others) with live accompaniment by local musicians, and a site-specific installation by Bill Brand, who brought you the DeKalb Avenue zoetrope.

The organizers advise: “Comfortable shoes (no high heels) and flashlights are highly recommended, as entrance to the tunnel requires guests to climb down a manhole in the middle of Atlantic Avenue.” An afterparty will follow at Floyd, where the first 100 guests at Tunnel Vision will get some free beer. Because why else would you care about something like this?