Will a Giant Tunnel Underneath Downtown Brooklyn Improve Traffic?

08/25/2010 1:32 PM |


  • A cheap and ready supply of labor among the children of Park Slope.

State transportation officials are contemplating the construction of a two and a half mile tunnel stretching all the way from the South Slope to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Turns out segments of the infamous Brooklyn-Queens Expressway are literally falling apart, and the Dept. of Transportation is looking for solutions: the tunnel idea would de-clog the traffic-glutted BQE, providing a straight shot to North Brooklyn (represent) that would alleviate stress on the structure. If it happened, this project would become the longest traffic tunnel in America.

It’s all very preliminary, at this point, but the tunnel idea is by far the best solution to addressing an increasingly decrepit BQE, especially when compared to the Moses-like plan to seize 500 private domains to allow for an expansion (that idea was scuppered, thankfully).

The best part about the tunnel idea is that it would render parts of the BQE redundant which, as some have suggested, could lead to a High Line-style park. That would rule.

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  • Well, the cheapest and most future-oriented solution would be to reduce cars by NOT improving/building out roads and encouraging people to use public transportation and bicycles. Don’t you think?

  • klktrk is totally right- what about new and improved public transport for the borough? park and ride for staten islanders? trollies? or make the G train a “real” nyc subway, running regularly, and quickly (and without pesky muggers and stabbers…)

  • You are both idiots. What about all the small business that go in and out of the city everyday and need to drive. Try to carry constuction material on your bike. Narrow minded if you ask me. Make efficient vehicles. How about a construction vehicle that getts 60 miles to the gallon? I’d buy that.

  • @Contractor. I said “reduce” not “get rid of.” I’m saying we should reduce car use by people who don’t need to use them.

    The majority of cars on the road today are carrying one person, who has nothing heavy to carry. Of course we need roads for commercial vehicles and taxis. It’s the ridiculous amount of people using cars just to get around that are the source of most congestion.

    If our roads were reserved for commercial traffic and taxis only, we wouldn’t need 4 lane highways running right through urban areas, with attendant pollution, noise levels, splintering of neighborhoods, and other reductions in livability. I’m fine with you thinking I’m an idiot, I just don’t want you to think I’m an idiot because you didn’t read my post carefully 🙂