Will Forte Leaving Saturday Night Live

08/27/2010 2:39 PM |


Thought maybe you guys cared to know that Will Forte won’t be returning to SNL this fall. After eight seasons, he’s leaving amicably to “pursue new opportunities,” according to Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch. We can hope that one of these opportunities won’t be a film sequel to MacGruber, but with that said, he has definitely pulled his weight on the show. MTV.com and The Huffington Post have compiled some of his best sketches, which you can watch here and here. Laugh some, cry some. Speaking of fall TV, how good does that new show from the creator of Arrested Development look?! The one with Felicity and Gob Bluth?

One Comment

  • Forte will be missed. Without him, I’m a little worried that the show will be missing a crucial weirdo factor. Will Ferrell, as popular as he became, had a willingness to do completely weird sketches, and his participation got some of SNL’s best, strangest material on air. Forte is arguably even stranger and more delightfully off-putting, and though I like most of the remaining cast, they’re a lot more material-dependent.

    Also, I kind of hope Armisen, a more low-key and less laugh-out-loud hilarious weirdo, also takes leave. I think he’s also done eight seasons and his time there feels done.

    Also also, I would pay to see a MacGruber sequel.