Worst Column in History of Local Papers Finally Killed

08/26/2010 4:19 PM |

sweet smell of success

  • Now that’s a columnist.

Unless it’s your job to read about Brooklyn every day, I’d wager you’ve never read the “Smartmom” column in the Brooklyn Paper (or at least never finished an entire piece). Written by Louise Crawford, who actually does very good work at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, the column was “about” Crawford’s life in Park Slope, raising two kids, being married: it was banal, self-important, smug and read as a parody of Park Slope boomerism; basically, it was like any of the tens of thousands of unread personal blogs that litter the Internet. In that respect, I don’t blame Crawford for the column, I blame Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman for giving it to her and telling her the minutiae of her daily life warranted transcription (even though she writes things like this):

Hepcat, a freelance photographer and software developer, says that he’s desperate for a room with a door. Smartmom was fit to be tied. Didn’t they just spend a load of money building a wall in the living room, creating a private workspace for Hepcat? Yes, but that’s not really an enclosed space; the wall doesn’t go to the ceiling and the entry way has no door, but it’s still quite private.

Well, in rare fit of good judgment, Kuntzman has killed the column in favor of “going younger.” I’m not sure if he’s found anyone yet, but I nominate one of the ladies over at Fucked in Park Slope, because they write things like this:

Man, we went to this place back when we lived in the city called The Paw Spot, and it was amazeballs. It was clean and beautiful, and everyone who worked there was crazytown about dogs.

Amazeballs. Crazytown. Heh. Also, the FIPS take on the demise of Smartmom is pretty funny.