Your Weekend in Music (And Quite Possibly the Last Pool Party Ever)

08/20/2010 4:02 PM |

The Pool Parties: Summer of 2011?

  • The Pool Parties: Summer of 2011?

We’re not going to straight-up lie and tell you that this weekend is on par with what has been in store these last few months — late August always marks a weird lull in bands’ touring schedules — but there are still plenty of shows worth catching the next few days. The big seller, of course, is what could quite possibly be the last Pool Party ever in light of the recent smackdown between Jelly and Open Space Alliance. Chromeo and just-announced surprise guest Kid Sister will likely continue the Miami Beach party vibe at the Williamsburg Waterfront for Jelly’s big year-end (or longer) send off on Sunday. If this wasn’t suddenly such a big deal, we’d tell you to see Forest Fire play their terribly underrated, kinda creepy, kinda pretty folk-pop at Glasslands instead, so maybe try to do both? Doors open at 9pm for Forest Fire, so it’s totally plausible.

Saturday’s offerings hit all over the board: We’ve got Abe Vigoda mashing up Afro-pop and punk at Death by Audio, Clinic wearing surgeon masks at a L Mag-presented show at Maxwell’s (where they’ll play their sinister version of Radiohead-ized indie rock), and Asobi Seksu showcasing their delicate dream-pop at a place called Carriage House, right across the street from the former BKLYN Yard space. We’re not so crazy about Crystal Castles, but everyone else seems to be for whatever reason: they do their aggressive electro-dance thing as part of the HARD Festival at Terminal 5. We’re sort of wusses over here, so we’ll be at Pianos checking out recent L Mag interviewee Todd Goldstein play an increasingly rare solo set of ARMS songs. He sounds like WHY’s Yoni Wolf strapped with an acoustic guitar; it’s pretty awesome.