10 Cities With More Superfund Sites Than Brooklyn

09/27/2010 12:51 PM |

Newtown Creek

As of this morning, Newtown Creek has officially been declared a federal Superfund site, joining Brooklyn’s other spectacularly filthy industrial waterway, the Gowanus Canal. Early estimates suggest the clean-up will take about a decade and a half-billion dollars, which, combined with a similar timetable for the Gowanus project, might make Brooklynites feel surrounded by toxic superfund sites. Fear not, however, because hey, look, there are dozens of cities all over the country with way more chemically hazardous sites in need of superfund-sized cleanups than Brooklyn. Here are ten of them…

Phoenix, Arizona: 5 active (including groundwater contamination at Williams Air Force Base, pictured), 2 deleted

Williams Air Force Base

Los Angeles, California: 16 active (including an Operating Industries Inc. landfill, pictured), 1 deleted

Operating Industries Inc.landfill LA

Miami, Florida: 6 active (including groundwater contamination from Homestead Air Force Base, pictured), 7 deleted

Homestead Airforce Base

Honolulu, Hawaii: 3 active (including soil, groundwater and sediment contamination from the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex, pictured), 1 deleted

Pearl Harbor

Boston, Massachusetts: 7 active (including chemical compounds and pesticide contaminants from former Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex, pictured), 2 deleted

Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota: 9 active (including drinking water and soil contamination from the FMC Corporation’s Fridley Plant, pictured), 13 deleted

FMC Corporation (Fridley Plant)

St. Louis, Missouri: 7 active (including Westlake Landfill, pictured, where soils mixed with residue from Uranium ore processing were used daily as landfill cover), 2 deleted

Westlake Landfill St. Louis

Portland, Oregon: 4 active (including heavy metal and PCB contamination of the Willamette River at the former McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co. plant site, pictured), 2 deleted

McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co. by Koalacanth

Salt Lake City, Utah: 4 active (including soil, air, ground water, surface water, sediment and solid waste contamination featuring lead, arsenic, cadmium and more at the Midvale Slag site, pictured, before and after), 1 partially deleted, 3 deleted

MIdvale Slag Salt Lake City

Seattle, Washington: 9 active (including soil and groundwater contamination from a former creosote plant at Quendall Terminals, pictured, that could reach nearby Lake Washington), 1 partially deleted, 1 deleted

Quendall Terminals

See, Brooklyn? We don’t really have it that bad.