8-bit Street Artist Invader Spoofed on Futurama

09/01/2010 3:18 PM |

The French street artist Invader, who invades public space with mosaic-like Space Invader characters he pastes on streets around the world (North 11th and Wythe, anyone?), got an unusually high-profile homage from recently resurrected Futurama. Banksy must be jealous.

Not only that, Bender puts one of his illegal tile portraits over a hilariously Nixon-ified parody of Shepard Fairey’s HOPE poster, suggesting an impressive familiarity with the goings on of the street art star world. Next hopefully, will be an episode with Dr. Zoidberg doing Poster Boy-style cut-ups of subway ads—you know, ’cause he’s got pinchers. (Wooster)