A Belated Congratulations to All Those Who Participated in Monday’s Muscle Beach Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competitions

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09/08/2010 10:58 AM |


This past Monday, Labor Day, marked Venice, California’s annual celebration of people who work very, very hard. The legendary California beachside workout site Muscle Beach, former grunting grounds of Schwarzenegger et al, hosted its annual Labor Day bodybuilding competition. As you can see.

KTTV Fox Los Angeles was on the scene, to report on the bodybuilding, the new addition of a hot dog eating contest (“ironman irony”), and the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame induction of 91-year-old pioneering Venice Beach weightlifter Relna Brewer McRae, once called “The Strongest Girl in the World”: “There was an earthquake in 1933, and all the schools were closed, and so we came to the beach to exercise.” The world thanks you, Ms. McRae.

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  • Wow….pretty enjoyable competition! All of the contests have a good challenge. I’m so impressed and enjoyed the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding competitions show. Thanks!

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