Beer Journal: Craft Beer Week

09/27/2010 4:59 PM |

Freaktoberfest (photo Kelly Neal, of Oh, Snap!)

  • Freaktoberfest (photo Kelly Neal, of Oh, Snap!)

Friday was the kickoff of NY Craft Beer Week, the 3rd annual week long celebration of beers that taste like happiness instead of high school. Resident drunk Lmag employee Sarah Shanfield, who will be going to an event each night of the week, has agreed to share with us her journal documenting the festival. Here’s a post from Friday, before she went to the Freaktoberfest kickoff party at the Rock Shop.

Dear Beer Journal,

Today is the first day of NY Craft Beer Week. I’m so excited! This morning I jumped out of bed at 6 am and used my teeth to open the Lagunitas I had awaiting in a bucket of ice at the foot of my bed. I went to sleep in my beer drinking clothes, which look a lot like my regular clothes, just with more elastic.

I’ve been drinking beer my whole life, but I have never been able to discern whether a beer is craft or not. I hope to learn a lot this week at NY Craft Beer Week, perhaps about how beer is made, why Brooklyn has so many superior breweries, and maybe, if I’m lucky, what the fuck hops are.

Tonight I will attend the opening ceremonies of NY Craft Beer Week, Freaktoberfest. There will be over 35 brewery owners pouring specialty beers while members of the Coney Island Sideshow perform in the background. The drink of choice will be Coney Island Freaktoberfest(TM). This press release also promises something about indie-rock bands, which concerns me, because I’m curious to know who drinks more: indie-rock bands or sideshow freaks.

The party starts at 7, but I’m already here at the Rock Shop in Park Slope waiting at the front of what I assume will be a very long line. Most people already bought their tickets ($55 a pop, purchased here) but I don’t want to take any chances. Wish me luck beer journal, I’ll write soon!