Belle & Sebastian Tonight: Rain or Shine?

09/30/2010 2:31 PM |

IS THE BELLE & SEBASTIAN CONCERT THAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE FOREVER HAPPENING TONIGHT??!? We don’t know. We came across this tidbit though, over at the Q&A portion of the band’s web site:

Q.Stuart, I really love you guys and I’ve been so excited to finally see B&S in concert that I’m willing to do almost anything, including standing outside all night in a torrential rainstorm (I’ve got all my rain gear on!), but I’m really having doubts about going now because of the hazardous driving conditions (my street is already flooded and it’s only been raining a few hours). This weather is an absolute disaster and I’ve been stressing over it for days! Whether you’re able to play tonight or you end up canceling because of flooding or thunder, would you consider coming back to New York again? Even if it’s not until next year? Just so I (and the other fans who aren’t able to make it to Brooklyn today) have something to hold onto to?

A. if it can’t go ahead, then we’ll do everything possible to rearrange for the end of october, and if that’s not happening, then of course we’ll be back! come on, it’s NY!

but i must stress, that as i write we’re still all go for tonight..

will advise furthur later



So, there you have it. To get excited for tonight, or possibly the end of October, take a look at this setlist from a show they played last week in Barcelona (“If You Find Yourself Caught in Love!”), or, better yet, watch a video of them performing last night on Jimmy Fallon with a cast of extras — studious co-eds in the front row writing about love — plus an online exclusive of “Piazza, New York Catcher.”